Faucet Fix: LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge – Lead-Free Cold Stem Replacement

Faucet Fix: LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge – Lead-Free Cold Stem Replacement

Welcome, fellow DIY enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the realm of faucet repairs with a review of the LASCO S-180-2NL 1/2-Inch No Lead Cold Ceramic ⁣Stem for ‍Cartridge⁤ 4002. If you’ve‍ ever⁢ experienced the frustration of a leaky faucet or a⁤ handle that⁣ just won’t turn smoothly, ‍you know how crucial it is to have reliable ​replacement parts ⁢on hand. Enter the S-180-2NL, a shining beacon of hope for those battling against the forces ‌of dripping faucets and stubborn handles.

Crafted from sturdy brass and boasting a ceramic cartridge, this cold stem/handle replacement is a true game-changer. Its generic ⁣fit ensures compatibility with ‍a variety of brands, making it a versatile solution for common faucet woes.‍ Plus, its lead-free construction​ meets the stringent standards set by​ California AB-1953, Vermont, ‍and federal​ regulations for low​ lead applications, ensuring not only functionality but also safety for you and‌ your loved ones.

But let’s not forget the beauty ‌of simplicity – this kit is designed for easy and straightforward use, ⁢packaged conveniently ⁢to streamline your repair‌ process. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or a ⁤newcomer ​to the world ‌of home maintenance, the S-180-2NL promises a hassle-free experience.

So, join us as we ​delve deeper into the details of this⁣ Chinese-manufactured marvel.⁤ From its durable materials to its seamless installation, we’re here to uncover the truth behind​ the ‌hype and help you make an informed ‌decision ​for your next faucet fix. Let’s​ get started!

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In our ⁣ of this product, we find it to be a versatile and‍ essential component for various plumbing needs. Crafted with high-quality brass material and featuring a ceramic cartridge, this cold stem/handle replacement ensures durability and reliability in usage.

Notably, this product​ offers compatibility with a wide range of brands,​ making it a⁢ convenient choice for⁤ many applications. Plus, its lead-free composition ⁣adheres to stringent standards such as California AB-1953, Vermont regulations, and federal guidelines ‌for​ low⁢ lead content, prioritizing safety and ⁣compliance. With⁣ its straightforward installation process, this ​kit‍ provides‌ an ‌easy solution for your‍ plumbing requirements.

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Product Features and Highlights

When it comes⁢ to durability and reliability, our 1/2-Inch No Lead ⁤Cold​ Ceramic Stem for ⁢Cartridge 4002 stands out. Crafted from high-quality brass material, this ceramic⁤ cartridge ensures long-lasting performance, making it a dependable choice for your plumbing needs.

  • Ceramic Cartridge: Our ceramic cartridge guarantees smooth operation and prevents leaks, ⁢providing you with peace of mind.
  • Cold​ Stem/Handle Replacement: Easily replace your old or damaged cold stem/handle with our convenient kit, ensuring efficient functionality.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit various brands, ‍our product offers versatility and compatibility for different⁢ plumbing setups.

Feature Details
Material Brass
Cartridge Type Ceramic
Compatibility Various Brands
Lead-Free Meets California ⁢AB-1953, Vermont, and new federal standards

Manufactured in China, our No Lead Cold Ceramic ⁣Stem prioritizes safety and environmental⁢ responsibility. ​With‍ its lead-free composition, it complies with‌ California AB-1953, Vermont,​ and federal standards for low lead applications, ensuring a healthier water ⁤supply for you and your family. Upgrade your plumbing system today and ⁣experience the reliability ⁤and efficiency of‍ our product.

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Detailed Insights ⁢and Recommendations

When considering a replacement cold ceramic stem ⁢for​ your faucet, the LASCO S-180-2NL 1/2-Inch Cartridge 4002 stands out for its reliable performance⁣ and adherence to stringent safety standards. Crafted from durable brass material and featuring ⁤a ceramic cartridge, this stem ensures longevity and smooth operation. Its compatibility with various brands makes it a versatile option for a wide range of applications.

Moreover, the lead-free ‍design ​of this product aligns with⁤ California AB-1953, Vermont, and federal ‌standards for low lead applications, prioritizing the health⁤ and⁣ safety⁢ of consumers. ​Installation is hassle-free, thanks to the easy-to-use⁣ kit, ‌making​ it a⁣ convenient solution for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. For ⁣a dependable replacement‍ that combines⁢ quality craftsmanship ⁢with compliance to ⁤safety⁤ regulations, consider ⁣investing in the LASCO S-180-2NL 1/2-Inch No Lead Cold Ceramic Stem.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Our customers ​have shared their experiences with the LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge – Lead-Free Cold Stem Replacement. Let’s take a closer look ‍at their‌ feedback:

Review Analysis
“I‌ needed on to replace my‌ leaker. This went in ‍very smoothly and works like a charm‍ replacing my 25 year old shower cartridge. It is really super nice to‍ use now. There ​is a noticeable difference in the easy to use motion to ⁣operate it.” This review highlights the ease of installation and improved functionality experienced after replacing the old cartridge with ​the LASCO S-180-2NL. The customer ⁤appreciates the noticeable improvement in the operation of their shower faucet.
“Good price, delivered on time,⁢ fitted perfect, love this product!” The ​customer expresses satisfaction with the product’s affordability, timely delivery, and perfect fit, indicating a positive overall experience.
“So apparently some of⁣ the multitude of brass cartridges‍ out there are​ of ⁢generic sizes… This generic one can’t do any worse I guess.” This review suggests that despite ‍initial skepticism due to the product not being branded, the LASCO cartridge proved to be a suitable replacement, potentially even outperforming more expensive alternatives in durability.
“I was fortunate enough to find the⁤ right piece and it fit perfectly. Thanks for the prompt delivery!” The customer expresses gratitude for finding⁣ the correct replacement part and commends the prompt delivery service.
“Exactly ​what I ordered, ⁣works well for a part you​ can’t find ​locally!” This ‌review highlights the product’s reliability and its usefulness in situations⁣ where ⁣finding similar ‌parts locally proves challenging.
“Expensive and I’m having to ‍get plumber to install⁣ it.” Although the ​customer acknowledges⁢ the product’s‍ effectiveness,⁤ they express dissatisfaction ​with its price ​and the additional expense of hiring a plumber ⁣for installation.

Overall, the reviews indicate a positive reception of the LASCO S-180-2NL⁤ Brass Cartridge ⁤- Lead-Free ‌Cold Stem Replacement, with customers appreciating its ease of installation,⁢ functionality, and suitability as a replacement part.

Pros & Cons


  1. Lead-Free ⁤Assurance: The LASCO S-180-2NL ⁢Brass Cartridge offers peace of mind with its lead-free construction, meeting stringent California AB-1953,⁣ Vermont,⁣ and federal standards for low lead applications.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: With its generic fit, ⁢this cold ceramic stem replacement fits various faucet brands, offering broad compatibility⁤ and⁣ making it ‌a versatile solution for ⁢your faucet repair needs.

  3. Durable ‌Construction: Crafted‍ from sturdy brass material and featuring⁢ a ceramic cartridge, this stem replacement ⁣promises durability⁤ and longevity, ensuring reliable ​performance over time.

  4. Easy Installation: Designed for easy and simple installation, the ‍kit ⁤comes with everything you need to replace your faucet’s cold⁢ stem/handle swiftly and hassle-free, saving you time‌ and effort.

  5. Value for Money: The LASCO ‍S-180-2NL offers⁣ excellent value for money, providing a high-quality, lead-free solution at an ‍affordable price point.


  1. Manufactured Abroad: Some users may prefer products manufactured‍ domestically for​ various reasons, but it’s important to‌ note⁣ that this product is manufactured in China.

  2. Limited Warranty: While the product boasts durability, it’s essential to consider that ‍it may ‌come with a limited warranty. Additional warranty⁢ information should be checked before purchase.

Pros Cons
Lead-Free ⁤Assurance Manufactured Abroad
Versatile Compatibility Limited Warranty
Durable Construction
Easy Installation
Value for⁤ Money


**Q&A Section:**

Q: Is the LASCO ⁤S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge easy to install?

A:‍ Absolutely! ‌Installing the LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge is a breeze. Its design allows for a⁢ straightforward replacement process. Just follow the included instructions, and you’ll have your faucet up and⁣ running smoothly‌ in no time.

Q: Will‍ this cartridge fit my faucet model?

A: Most likely!‍ The LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge is designed to be a generic fit, compatible with various faucet brands. However, to ensure compatibility, it’s always a good idea‌ to check the specifications of your faucet or consult ⁤with a professional if you’re unsure.

Q: ‍Is the cartridge ‍really lead-free?

A: Yes, indeed! The LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge is crafted with lead-free materials, meeting strict standards⁤ such ⁣as California AB-1953, Vermont regulations, and federal guidelines for low lead applications. Your health and safety are our top priority, so you can trust in the purity of this product.

Q: Where ​is the LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge​ manufactured?

A: The LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge is manufactured in China. Rest assured, despite its origin,‍ it undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure durability and‍ reliability.

Q: How long ⁢can ‍I expect the LASCO S-180-2NL‌ Brass Cartridge to last?

A: With proper care​ and‌ maintenance, the ‍LASCO ⁢S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge can‍ provide you with years of dependable service. ‍Its sturdy brass construction combined with a ceramic‌ cartridge ensures long-lasting performance, making it a worthwhile investment for your faucet.

Q: Does this cartridge come with a warranty?

A: While specific warranty information may vary depending on where you purchase the LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge,⁤ many retailers offer‌ warranties or guarantees for⁢ peace of mind. Be sure‍ to check with the seller for details on warranty coverage and terms.

Q:​ Can I use this cartridge for both hot​ and cold ⁣water?

A: The LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge is specifically designed for cold water applications. If you ⁣require a replacement for‍ hot water, you’ll need to look⁣ for a compatible hot⁣ stem/cartridge. Mixing and matching hot and cold cartridges could lead to improper functionality​ and ‍potential damage to your faucet.

Experience Innovation

As we conclude our ‌exploration​ into the ⁢LASCO S-180-2NL Brass Cartridge, we’re left impressed by its‌ versatility and commitment to safety standards. With its lead-free composition and compatibility with various brands, it’s a ⁤reliable solution for faucet fixes. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time home improver, this cartridge promises ease and simplicity in replacement.

So why⁣ wait? Upgrade⁣ your ‌faucet‍ today with the LASCO S-180-2NL⁤ Brass Cartridge and experience the peace of mind that comes with a quality, lead-free solution.

Ready to⁢ make the change? Click here to get your⁢ LASCO ⁣S-180-2NL Brass ​Cartridge now!

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