Effortless Luxury: Two Handle Wall Mount Tub Faucet Review

Effortless Luxury: Two Handle Wall Mount Tub Faucet Review

Welcome‍ to our review of the stunning Wall Mount Tub Filler Matte Black Tub Faucet by Sumerain. This high-flow, two-handled tub ​faucet is not only stylish, but it ⁤is also made of solid brass, ensuring durability ⁢for years ⁣to come.⁤ The matte ⁤black finish adds a modern⁤ touch to any bathroom decor, while the long spout reach makes it a perfect fit for almost any tub size. With a spout flow rate of 9.71GPM at 60PSI, filling up your tub has never been quicker or easier. Stay tuned as we dive into the features and benefits of this top-of-the-line tub faucet in our‍ detailed ⁣review.

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Our wall mount ⁣tub filler in matte black finish is not only a stunning addition to any modern ⁢bathroom, but it ‌is ​also incredibly durable. Made of solid brass, this faucet is built to last for years ⁣to come, providing supreme performance without the ‍worry of corrosion or⁣ leaks.

With a high ⁤flow rate of ​9.71GPM, this tub ​filler can quickly fill up your tub‌ in minutes. The two easy turn lever handles make ‍controlling water flow and temperature effortless. ​Plus, the extra long spout reach of 11-11/32 inches ensures that it will perfectly match almost all⁣ tubs. Don’t miss out on this stylish ‌and functional addition to⁣ your bathroom ‍-​ shop now!

Impressive ​Design and Durability

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When it ‌comes ​to the design​ and durability of the wall mount tub filler matte ⁣black tub faucet from sumerain, we were thoroughly impressed. Crafted from solid brass, this faucet ‌is not only durable‍ but also adds a touch of elegance to any modern bathroom decor. ⁣The matte​ black finish not only resists corrosion, tarnishing, or discoloration, but⁣ also maintains a ⁢”like-new” look ‍for ‍a lifetime.‍ The 9.71GPM spout flow rate ensures‍ that your tub fills up in minutes, providing you with a convenient and‌ luxurious bathing experience.

One⁣ of⁤ the standout features of this tub filler ​is the extra long 11-11/32​ inches spout reach, which is perfect for almost all tub sizes. ⁢The two easy turn lever handles allow for ‍seamless control of water flow and temperature, making it ‍effortless ‌to adjust to your desired⁤ setting. In addition, the ICC-ES ‍PMG certification and compliance‍ with ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1-2018​ standards‍ provide peace of⁣ mind‍ in knowing that you are investing in a high-quality and reliable product. ⁣If you’re looking for a wall mount tub faucet that ⁤combines impressive design‌ with⁢ exceptional durability, look no further than the sumerain tub ​filler. Elevate ‍your bathroom experience today with this ​top-notch product! Check ⁤it ‌out here!

Exceptional Water Flow and Long Spout Reach

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Our experience with this wall mount tub filler has been nothing short ​of exceptional. The water flow rate of 9.71GPM at 60PSI fills up the​ tub in minutes,⁤ making it incredibly efficient⁢ for those who ⁤value their time. The ⁢long⁤ spout reach ⁢of 11-11/32 inches is perfect for almost all tub sizes, giving us the flexibility we⁤ need in our bathroom ⁣setup.

We also appreciate ​the‍ solid brass construction, as ⁤it ⁤ensures durability ‍and longevity. The matte black finish not only resists corrosion, tarnishing, and discoloration but also adds a sleek ‌and modern touch to the overall aesthetic. The two easy turn lever handles provide smooth and effortless control over water flow and temperature. Overall, this tub ⁣faucet from ​Sumerain has exceeded our⁤ expectations and we highly recommend ‌it ⁣for anyone in need of a reliable and stylish addition ‌to their bathroom. Take a closer look at this impressive product here.

Detailed Insights and‍ Recommendations

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After thoroughly examining the features of ‍this‌ wall mount tub ‍filler, we have some valuable insights⁤ and​ recommendations to share with you. Firstly, the use of solid brass material ensures durability and longevity, ​making this ‍faucet a reliable choice for your bathroom. The matte black finish not only​ adds a touch of ‍elegance but also resists corrosion, tarnishing, and discoloration, maintaining a brand-new look for years to come.

Moreover, with a spout flow rate of 9.71GPM at 60PSI, filling⁣ up your tub will be a quick and hassle-free⁣ process. ⁢The ⁣inclusion⁣ of⁢ two easy turn lever handles provides effortless control over water flow and⁢ temperature, enhancing your bathing experience. Additionally, the 11-11/32 ⁢inches extra-long spout⁢ reach ensures compatibility with various tub sizes. If you’re looking for a high-flow, ‍solid brass tub filler that combines functionality and style, this⁤ wall mount faucet is an​ excellent choice.

Pros Cons
High flow‍ spout rate Handles may feel ‌loose over time
Durable solid⁣ brass ⁣construction May require professional ⁣installation
Elegant matte black finish May be on the pricier side

Ready to upgrade your bathroom with this high-quality‌ tub filler? Click here ⁣ to ⁤make your purchase now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing several customer reviews for the Wall⁢ Mount Tub‍ Filler Matte Black Tub Faucet by​ Sumerain, we have gathered some valuable insights to share with you.

Review Rating Comments
Review 1 5 out of 5 I like ‌the new ⁢modern look but I love the high pressure water flow. We are able to fill our tub in ⁣about two minutes⁤ and we have a large and‌ deep ⁢tub.​ This bathtub faucet​ was picked at the last minute as we were not going to replace our tub but were convinced at ‍the last minute to do so. My⁤ wife uses the new tub and faucet on a nightly basis. The best part is that ⁢this faucet looks awesome and really fills the tub ⁤quickly. We are ‍both happy with ​the purchase and are thinking about using the same faucet in the kid’s bathroom.
Review 2 5 out of 5 We first bought this product for our mother in law’s house⁢ build and we loved it so much that we purchased again for our build. Highly recommend. Fills the tub ‍fast ​and looks great.
Review 3 4 ​out of 5 Bought this as⁢ a replacement faucet for my bath. Couldn’t actually use it do to old piping hardware. However, it did look ​really nice and would have worked out perfectly for what I needed.
Review ​4 4 out of 5 Replaced an​ existing‍ tub filler in ‌a freestanding tub in a new house. this tub filler does exactly what it says it ‍will do as far as gpm and is a ​well built product. It was delivered in ‌a timely manner,⁣ and the installation was simple, same application and process as is with the installation priceless⁣ of the other leading brands, (aka Pfister, Delta, Kohler)
Review 5 3 out of 5 Cheaper than ‍moen. Quality is good so far. Function s well ‍easy to⁢ clean.. no oxidation issues or leaks.
Review 6 2 out of 5 Purchased a few years ​ago for⁢ my⁢ new house. And the rough in brass piece leaked causing my tiled shower ​on the other⁢ side of the ⁤wall‍ to come apart. ⁣They sent me a new rough in ‌brass piece, replaced it ⁣and it leaked again. Very disappointing. Cost me a lot of money
Review 7 4 out of 5 We had⁢ a difficult time finding supplies for our bathroom remodel.⁤ Our first tub arrived cracked, then the second one was on back order. We had trouble finding high-flow faucets,⁢ too, so we were happy this ‌one matched ​our decor and was available. It has ‌worked well for us.
Review 8 5 out of 5 Beautiful, stylish, serves ​the purpose. Great ⁢price. No difference next to higher end fixtures.
Review 9 4 out of 5 Purchased this tap set for new‍ free standing tub, great quality, ​finish is nice. Decided the⁢ spout was too​ long for our application, ⁢returned it and purchased another from same manufacturer. If the ‍size of this works for you I would recommend buying. Great‍ product.

Overall, ​the Wall Mount Tub Filler Matte Black Tub Faucet by Sumerain has received‌ positive feedback ‍for its design, water flow, and ease of installation. While there were⁢ a few issues reported‍ by some customers, the majority were satisfied with their purchase and would recommend ⁣this product to others.

Pros & ​Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Details
1. Durable Material Made of ⁢solid brass, ensuring supreme performance and durability.
2. Stylish Design Matte ⁢black finish matches modern style decorations for a sleek look.
3. High Flow Rate 9.71GPM spout ⁢flow rate fills up your tub quickly.
4. Easy to Use Two easy turn lever handles for effortless water and temperature control.
5. Long Spout Reach 11-11/32 inches long spout reach fits almost all tub⁢ sizes perfectly.


Cons Details
1. Handle Style Choice If you prefer cross ⁤handles, you’ll ​need⁣ to choose a different series.

Overall, the sumerain Wall Mount Tub Filler Matte ‍Black Tub ⁢Faucet offers a blend ‌of durability, style, and high performance,‍ making it a great addition to any‍ bathroom.


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Q: Is this wall‍ mount⁣ tub faucet easy to install?

A:​ Yes, this wall mount tub ⁢faucet is relatively easy to install. It comes ⁢with ​all the necessary mounting hardware ⁤and instructions, so you can have it ⁣up and running in no time.

Q: Does this tub faucet come with a warranty?

A: Yes, this wall mount tub faucet comes with a 5-year warranty. This ensures that ⁢you are covered in ⁣case‍ of ​any defects or malfunctions.

Q: Is the matte black finish durable?

A: Yes, the ⁤matte black ⁢finish on this tub faucet is highly durable. It ⁣resists corrosion, tarnish, and discoloration, ensuring that it ‍maintains its like-new appearance for years to come.

Q:‌ How is the water ⁢flow rate?

A: The spout on this wall​ mount tub faucet has a flow rate of 9.71GPM ​at 60PSI, allowing you to fill up your tub quickly and efficiently.

Q: Can this tub faucet fit​ all tubs?

A: The 11-11/32-inch long spout ⁤reach ​on this wall mount‍ tub faucet makes it compatible with almost⁣ all tub sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for‌ your bathroom space.

Seize the Opportunity

As we wrap up our review of the luxurious Two Handle Wall Mount Tub Faucet by Sumerain, we can’t help but be⁤ impressed by its durability, functionality, and sleek matte black finish. With its high‍ flow rate, long spout reach, ⁢and easy-to-use handles, this tub filler truly​ brings an ⁢effortless touch of⁢ luxury to any ‍bathroom.

If you’re ready to‍ elevate your‌ bathing experience to ⁢the next level, click here to‌ purchase⁢ your own Sumerain Wall Mount Tub Faucet on ​Amazon: Buy Now!

Thank ​you ‍for joining us on this review journey. Stay tuned for more insightful product reviews on our blog!

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