Revamp Your Faucets with Crane Faucet Handles: A Reliable Upgrade

Revamp Your Faucets with Crane Faucet Handles: A Reliable Upgrade

Are you ⁤tired of dealing ​with leaky, worn-out faucet handles? Look no further than the Danco⁣ 88089 Hot/Cold Handles for‌ Crane Faucets in Chrome. We recently had the opportunity to try out these faucet handles and were impressed with the results. Replacing your old ⁢handles ⁢with these affordable alternatives is a quick⁣ and easy way⁤ to give⁣ your fixtures a much-needed update. With durable construction and a sleek chrome finish, these handles are designed to provide⁢ reliable performance for your daily use. Keep reading our review to find⁢ out more about why we think the Danco 88089 Hot/Cold ‌Handles for Crane Faucets are a great choice for your home.

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Looking ⁢to ⁣update ⁤your fixtures without breaking the bank? These Danco Faucet Handles for Crane are a great option. Replacing your leaky or worn-out handles⁣ is a⁤ cost-effective solution compared to buying a completely new faucet ⁣fixture. With a sturdy construction, these handles are designed to provide durability and reliable performance for your daily use. The 2-inch diameter at the‌ base and 1-3/16-inch height make them a perfect fit for Crane kitchen and lavatory faucets.

Featuring a ⁤sleek chrome ⁢finish, these handles will give‌ your faucet a fresh look and⁢ help restore it to like-new condition. Easy to install and hassle-free to use, these hot and cold handles are a practical and stylish choice for upgrading ⁢your ‍bathroom or kitchen ⁢fixtures. If you’re looking to revamp ‍your⁣ faucets without spending a fortune, check out ⁣these⁣ Danco Faucet⁢ Handles for Crane today!

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Stylish Addition to Your Bathroom

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These Danco ⁣Faucet Handles for ⁢Crane ⁢are a⁤ fantastic way to update your bathroom fixtures without breaking the bank. Say‍ goodbye to leaky, worn-out ⁤handles and ⁤hello to a sleek and stylish addition to your space. The durable ​metal construction ensures reliability and performance for ⁤everyday use,‌ while the chrome finish adds a touch of modern elegance.

Designed specifically to fit Crane kitchen and lavatory faucets, these handles ⁣are easy to install⁢ and will have your fixtures looking like new in no time. ⁣With ⁢a 2-inch diameter at the base and‍ a 1-3/16 inch height, these handles are the perfect size for a seamless fit. Don’t wait⁢ any longer to upgrade your bathroom – grab a pair of these ‌Danco Faucet Handles for Crane today and transform your space instantly! Check it out here!

Easy Installation Process

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When it comes to the installation process of the Danco ⁣Faucet Handles for Crane, we were pleasantly ⁤surprised​ by how easy and straightforward it was. With just a few simple steps, we were able to update our fixtures and replace our old, leaky handles in no time. The instructions provided were ⁣clear and easy to follow, making⁣ the whole process a breeze.

The⁢ durable construction of⁢ these handles gave us peace of mind, knowing that they will provide long-lasting reliability and performance for our​ everyday use. Designed specifically to fit Crane kitchen and lavatory faucets, these handles are a perfect match for our existing fixtures. The chrome finish added ⁣a sleek and modern touch to our bathroom, giving it a like-new appearance. If you’re looking for an affordable ⁣and⁤ easy solution to upgrade your faucets, these Danco handles are definitely worth considering. Don’t hesitate to give ⁣them a try and see the difference for yourself!​ Get⁢ yours now!

Final Verdict

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We ⁢finally found ‍the⁢ perfect solution to our leaky and worn-out faucet handles with these Danco Faucet Handles for Crane. The ​installation was a breeze and​ didn’t require⁢ us to buy an entirely new fixture, saving ​us‍ both time and money. The durable construction of these handles gives us peace of mind knowing that they will last for years to‌ come, providing reliable performance for ‌our everyday use.

We love that these handles‍ come in ⁣a⁢ pair for both hot and cold water, making ⁤it easy​ to update both at once. The Chrome finish adds a sleek touch to our kitchen ⁢and bathroom faucets, restoring them to a like-new condition. If you’re looking for an affordable and ⁣efficient way⁣ to update your fixtures, we highly recommend giving these Danco Faucet Handles for Crane a try!

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Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews ​for the Danco 88089 Hot/Cold Handles for ​Crane Faucets, Chrome,‍ we have found a mixed bag ⁤of feedback. Here is a breakdown of the key points raised by our customers:

Customer​ Feedback
Great fix⁣ will be ordering these faucets​ again
Spline does not fit my valve. These are recommended for⁢ my valve but baloney. Don’t buy if⁣ you have a Crane faucet.
Handles are a perfect replacement for old Crane faucet ⁢handles but included screws​ are of poor quality.
Adapter needed for handles to fit, despite correct product number.
Handles fit older/original Crane⁤ valve splines but are too big for newer Danco/Crane⁣ replacement splines.
Lack​ of mention of stem broach size in the description was a disappointment.
No information provided on broach style/number of pins for correct application, causing confusion for buyers.
Handles advertised for Crane faucets are larger than DialEse faucets.

While some⁤ customers were satisfied with the product,⁤ others faced issues with compatibility and quality. It‍ is ​evident that there is room for improvement in⁣ terms of product description and ensuring proper fit for Crane faucets. We recommend checking compatibility carefully before making a purchase.

Pros &⁢ Cons

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Pros ​& Cons


1. Affordable option to update faucet handles
2. Helps restore faucets to like new condition
3. Durable construction ⁤for long-lasting performance
4. Easy ​to install
5. Includes hot and cold handles


1. Only compatible with Crane faucets
2. Limited ⁢color options
3. May not fit all Crane ⁤faucet models

Overall, the Danco 88089 Hot/Cold Handles for Crane Faucets in Chrome are a reliable and affordable option for updating your⁢ faucet handles. ⁤They are easy to install and help restore your ⁢faucets to like new condition. However, ​they are only compatible with Crane faucets and have limited color options. Make sure to check compatibility with your specific Crane faucet model before purchasing.


Q: Are these handles compatible with all Crane faucets?
A: These Danco⁣ Hot/Cold⁣ Handles are designed to fit Crane kitchen and ‌lavatory faucets that have a 2-inch diameter at the base with a 1-3/16⁣ inch height. So, be sure to check the ​measurements​ of your existing faucet before purchasing.

Q: How easy are these handles to⁢ install?
A: Installing these handles is relatively simple and straightforward. Just follow the included instructions, and you should have ⁣your new handles installed in no time.

Q: Do‍ these handles come with a warranty?
A: Unfortunately, these handles do not⁢ come with⁤ a warranty. However,‍ they are made​ from durable metal construction, so you can trust that ⁤they will provide reliable performance for your everyday use.

Q: Can these handles be used for both hot and⁤ cold water?
A: Yes, this pack includes a ⁢pair of hot and cold handles, so you’ll have ⁣everything ⁣you need to‍ replace both handles on your faucet.

Q: How do these handles compare to the original Crane handles?
A: ​These ‌Danco handles are a great alternative ‌to buying an entirely new⁤ faucet fixture. They ​will help restore your faucets to like-new condition without breaking the bank.⁤ Plus, the chrome finish adds ⁣a sleek and modern touch to your ‍kitchen or bathroom.

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, upgrading your ⁣old Crane faucets with the​ Danco ‌88089 Hot/Cold Handles is a simple and cost-effective way to breathe new‌ life ⁤into your fixtures. Say goodbye to leaks and⁣ worn-out handles, and hello to reliability and performance ⁢with these ‍durable chrome handles.

Don’t wait any longer to revamp your faucets – click here to get your own pair of Danco Hot/Cold ‌Handles for Crane Faucets on Amazon today! Upgrade Now!

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