Revamp Your Faucet: Danco VA-1 Single Lever Cartridge Review

Revamp Your Faucet: Danco VA-1 Single Lever Cartridge Review

Hey there, DIY enthusiasts! Today we’re taking ⁣a closer look at the Danco (80978)⁤ VA-1 Cartridge for Valley ‍Single-Handle ⁤Faucets, White. If you’ve​ been dealing with a leaky faucet and are looking for‌ an ⁢affordable solution, this​ cartridge ​replacement might just ‌be the answer you’ve been searching ⁢for. Designed to be compatible with most popular kitchen, lavatory, and tub/shower faucets manufactured‍ before October 1986, this cartridge is a convenient fix for those pesky drips. With its durable⁣ construction and easy installation, this Danco cartridge could be just what you need to save water and ⁤avoid buying a whole new faucet. Stay tuned as we dive into the details of this plumbing repair product and see if it lives up to ‌the hype!

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Looking to fix your leaky faucet without the ​hassle of purchasing a whole⁤ new one? The⁤ Danco VA-1 Cartridge is the perfect solution for Valley Single-Handle Faucets manufactured before October 1986. Compatible with both hot and cold ⁢water applications, this single lever cartridge is made of durable plastic construction for reliable performance.

At Danco, we pride ourselves​ on providing affordable plumbing products for DIY consumers. Our VA-1 Cartridge is designed to save you water and money while giving your kitchen or bathroom⁤ a fresh update. Don’t let​ a dripping faucet ruin your day, make the easy switch to the Danco Replacement ⁣Cartridge and enjoy a leak-free‍ environment. Upgrade your home today with the Danco​ VA-1 Cartridge!

Product Features

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Looking for a⁣ reliable replacement cartridge for your‌ leaky faucet? Look no further than ⁣the Danco VA-1 Cartridge. This single lever cartridge is designed to work with Valley single-handle faucets manufactured before October 1986. Made of durable plastic⁢ construction, ‌this cartridge is built to last and ensure reliable​ performance for‌ your hot and cold water applications. Say goodbye to that annoying dripping faucet by simply replacing the cartridge and saving water in the process.

With the OEM reference number V-6680, this VA-1⁣ cartridge is a perfect‍ fit ⁤for your Valley single-handle faucet. Easy to install and compatible with a variety of faucets, this cartridge is a⁤ cost-effective solution to avoid ⁣buying ⁣a completely new faucet. Don’t let a leaky faucet ruin your day, upgrade your‍ old‌ faucet‌ with the Danco VA-1 Cartridge and enjoy a ‌leak-free environment​ in your kitchen or⁣ bathroom. Join us in ‍making your DIY plumbing project a success by clicking on the link and getting your ⁢hands on this fantastic product!

Detailed Insights and​ Recommendations

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Looking for a simple‌ and cost-effective solution to repair your leaky faucet? Look⁤ no further than the Danco ‌VA-1 Cartridge for Valley ​Single-Handle Faucets. This cartridge is designed to fit most popular kitchen, lavatory, and tub/shower faucets manufactured​ before ‌October 1986. By replacing the cartridge, you can fix your dripping⁤ tub/shower faucet, saving water ‌and avoiding the need‌ to⁤ purchase a whole new ⁤fixture.

The VA-1 cartridge is made of durable plastic construction, ensuring reliable performance for years to come. It ‍is compatible⁢ with both hot and cold water applications, making it a versatile choice for ​your ‍plumbing needs. Plus, with easy installation, ‍you can have your faucet up ‌and running in no time. Don’t let a ‍leaky faucet⁤ dampen‍ your day – ​try the Danco VA-1 ‍Cartridge and enjoy a drip-free sink or shower once‌ again! Find out⁢ more about this​ product on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Upon ⁣analyzing ⁢the customer reviews for the Danco VA-1 Single Lever Cartridge, we have gathered some important insights that ​may help you ⁤with your installation process:

Customer Review Key Takeaway
There are several YouTube videos, which describe ​how to install⁢ this cartridge… Pay close attention to fitting the cartridge parts and the ⁣handle hex wrench size needed for removal.
The little ⁣white part‌ that’s at⁤ the back of the cartridge… Ensure correct positioning of the holes and slot on the cartridge ‌to prevent leaks and handle issues.
Changed the springs and the cartridge… Make sure to clean the valve body with ‌sandpaper and change the springs for best results.
Now ‌I have a constant leak ‌from my tap… Ensure compatibility before purchasing to ‌avoid installation issues.

Overall,‍ customers have found the Danco VA-1 Single Lever Cartridge ⁢to be a great buy, easy to assemble, and effective in fixing leaks. However, ‍some users experienced difficulties with compatibility and additional parts needed for installation. We recommend ⁢thorough research and attention to detail⁢ during the installation ​process to ensure ​optimal performance.

Pros & Cons

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  • Compatible with most popular⁢ faucets manufactured before October⁣ 1986
  • Easy solution to fix leaky faucets and save water
  • Durable⁢ plastic construction for reliable performance
  • Affordable option compared to‌ buying a new faucet


  • May not fit newer faucet models
  • Plastic construction ⁤may not be as durable as⁣ metal⁣ cartridges
  • Installation may require some plumbing knowledge
  • Only ‍compatible with Valley single-handle faucets


Q: What types of faucets is the Danco ‌VA-1 Cartridge compatible with?
A: The VA-1 Cartridge is designed for use in‍ most popular kitchen, lavatory and tub/shower faucets manufactured before October 1986. It is compatible⁤ with Valley single-handle faucets.

Q:‌ How can replacing ‍the cartridge help ⁣with a leaking faucet?
A: Replacing the cartridge​ can help ⁢fix a leaking faucet,‍ saving water ‌and preventing the need to buy a whole new faucet. The‌ Danco VA-1 Cartridge‌ is specifically designed for this purpose.

Q: Is the VA-1 Cartridge easy to install?
A: Yes, the VA-1 ⁣Cartridge is designed for easy installation. It is a single lever cartridge replacement ⁤part made of durable plastic construction for ​reliable performance.

Q: How can I determine ⁢if my faucet is compatible with the Danco VA-1 Cartridge?
A: The ​VA-1 Cartridge‌ is compatible with Valley single-handle faucets manufactured ⁤before​ October 1986. Check the OEM reference number, which is V-6680, to ensure compatibility with your faucet.

Q: ‍Is Danco a reputable brand for plumbing ​products?
A: Yes, Danco is‌ one of the‍ largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel suppliers in the home improvement‌ industry. They focus on ⁣empowering Do It Yourself⁣ consumers with affordable plumbing products and ⁤solutions for bathrooms and kitchens.

We hope these ⁤answers have been helpful in making your decision to‍ revamp your ⁤faucet with the Danco VA-1 Cartridge!⁤

Embrace a New Era

As we wrap up our review of the Danco VA-1 Single Lever Cartridge‌ for⁣ Valley faucets, we⁢ can confidently say that this is a reliable and affordable solution for fixing your leaky faucet. With ⁢its durable construction and compatibility with a ⁢wide range of models manufactured before October 1986, this ​cartridge is ⁣a must-have for​ DIY enthusiasts looking to revamp their kitchen or bathroom.

Don’t let a dripping faucet ⁢waste water and money – upgrade ​to the Danco VA-1 Cartridge today and enjoy a leak-free home ⁣environment. Click here to get your hands on this handy replacement ‌part: Purchase Now!

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