Reliant 3: The Ultimate American Standard Bathtub Faucet Review

Reliant 3: The Ultimate American Standard Bathtub Faucet Review

Welcome to our product review of⁢ the American Standard TU385500.002 Reliant 3 Valve Only Trim⁢ Kit with Cartridge in Polished Chrome. We recently had the pleasure of trying out this sleek and functional ‍trim ​kit, and we are excited ⁣to share our​ thoughts with you.

The Reliant 3 Trim Kit is not only stylish, but it also offers practical features‌ that enhance⁣ its functionality. Equipped with double ceramic pressure balance ⁢technology,​ this trim kit provides consistent water⁣ temperature, anti-scald protection, and smooth operation. The scratch- and tarnish-resistant finish ensures lasting beauty in your bathroom.

One of the standout features ​of this⁢ trim kit is the double ceramic pressure balance ‍cartridge, which‍ combines a⁤ ceramic disc mixing valve and a ‍ceramic balancing spool in one convenient‌ cartridge. This results ⁤in a lifetime of drip-free performance​ and smooth handle operation.

We were⁢ impressed ⁤by the adjustable hot limit safety stop, which reduces the risk of⁤ accidental scalding by limiting the amount of⁢ hot water that can mix with cold. The comfort zone feature also allows for a wider‍ shower range, giving you the ability‌ to fine-tune the temperature to ‌your⁤ liking.

Overall, we found the American Standard Reliant 3‍ Valve Only Trim Kit​ to be a ‌practical ⁣and ⁢stylish addition to any bathroom. Stay​ tuned for more in-depth‌ insights and details in our upcoming review.

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When it comes to functionality and style, the American Standard​ TU385500.002 Reliant 3 Valve Only ⁣Trim Kit with ​Cartridge, Polished Chrome ⁣has it all. This trim kit ⁢boasts ergonomic features that enhance the overall experience without compromising‌ on aesthetics.​ The reliable double ​ceramic pressure balance technology ensures consistent water ‍temperature, ⁣anti-scald protection, and smooth‌ operation. Plus, the scratch- and tarnish-resistant finishes​ guarantee lasting beauty that will stand the ‌test of ⁤time.

With ⁢features like the integrated check valves, adjustable hot limit⁤ safety‌ stop, and comfort zone temperature control, this trim kit offers a customizable and ⁣safe shower experience. The‍ one-piece⁣ cartridge design simplifies ‌installation and‍ maintenance,⁣ while the metal wall escutcheon and ⁤lever handle add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. For a shower trim kit that combines practicality, durability, and style, look⁢ no‌ further ⁢than the American Standard TU385500.002 ⁢Reliant 3⁢ Valve Only Trim Kit with Cartridge,‌ Polished Chrome.

Stylish and Functional​ Design

When it comes to finding the perfect balance⁣ between style and functionality, the American Standard‌ TU385500.002 Reliant​ 3 Valve ⁢Only Trim Kit with Cartridge in Polished Chrome truly stands out. ⁤This trim ​kit is not only practical in design, but it also boasts ergonomic features that​ enhance‌ its overall⁤ functionality without compromising on ⁢style. The scratch- ⁤and tarnish-resistant ⁤finishes ​ensure lasting​ beauty, making it ⁣a long-lasting addition to any‍ bathroom.

One of the‌ standout features of this⁣ trim kit ‌is the double ceramic‌ pressure balance technology,​ which provides consistent water temperature, anti-scald protection, and⁢ smooth operation. The ⁢integrated check valves ​eliminate cross‍ flow, while the adjustable hot limit safety stop reduces the risk of ​accidental‌ scalding. With a wider shower range to ‌fine-tune the temperature within the ⁣useful zone, this trim kit ⁤truly offers the⁤ perfect‍ blend of style and functionality. If⁣ you’re looking​ for a reliable and stylish⁢ addition to ⁤your bathroom, this trim‍ kit is a must-have. Experience the perfect balance between style and ‍functionality by clicking here to make your purchase today!

Easy Installation and Maintenance

When it ⁢comes to installation and maintenance, the American Standard ‍TU385500.002 Reliant 3 Valve ​Only ‍Trim Kit with Cartridge makes our lives a whole ‍lot easier. The one-piece cartridge included simplifies the installation process, saving us time and effort. With features like the ceramic disc mixing valve and balancing spool, we‌ can rest assured that we’ll enjoy a lifetime of drip-free performance and smooth handle operation.

Not ‍only is the Reliant 3 Trim Kit easy to⁢ install, but it’s also a breeze to maintain. The integrated ⁤check valves eliminate cross ⁤flow, while the adjustable ⁣hot limit safety stop⁢ reduces the risk of accidental ⁣scalding. ⁤Plus, the ​comfort zone offers a wider shower range for fine-tuning the desired temperature within the useful temperature zone. With scratch- and tarnish-resistant finishes, this trim kit is designed to⁢ last and maintain its beauty⁢ for years to⁤ come. Experience‍ the convenience⁤ and functionality⁤ of the Reliant 3 Trim Kit for yourself -​ click here to purchase now! Buy Now!

Our Recommendations

When it comes to ‌choosing a reliable and stylish valve⁢ trim kit ‍for⁤ your bathroom, look no further than the American ​Standard‌ Reliant 3 Valve​ Only Trim Kit with Cartridge. ‌This kit is not only practical in‌ design but also boasts ergonomic features that enhance functionality without sacrificing style. ⁣With scratch- and tarnish-resistant finishes,​ you can trust that​ this trim ⁣kit will maintain its beauty for years to come. The double ceramic pressure balance⁤ technology⁣ ensures consistent water temperature, anti-scald protection, and smooth ⁢operation, providing peace‍ of mind and comfort in your shower experience.

The integrated check ⁤valves eliminate cross flow, while the adjustable hot limit safety stop reduces the risk of accidental scalding. With a wide comfort zone ⁤for‌ temperature adjustment and ⁤the convenience of⁤ back-to-back capability, this trim kit​ offers everything you need for a safe⁣ and enjoyable‍ shower experience. Simplify installation⁢ and maintenance with the included one-piece cartridge, and enjoy a lifetime of drip-free performance with the ceramic disc mixing valve‌ and​ balancing spool. Upgrade your shower with the American Standard Reliant 3 ‍Valve Only Trim Kit with​ Cartridge today! Don’t ‌miss out, get yours now on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁢ carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the American Standard⁢ TU385500.002 Reliant 3 Valve Only Trim Kit with Cartridge in Polished Chrome, we have‍ compiled a ⁤summary of the feedback to provide ⁣you with a comprehensive overview.

Positive ⁤Reviews

Review Feedback
1 Had difficulty finding this older style fixture ​in store, no one​ had it. ‍This worked ⁣perfectly.
2 Was searching for a specific model for my shower and Amazon was able to provide it. The handle was shipped quickly and was easy to install.
3 We order⁢ the wrong replacement part, but were​ able to make it fit after adjustment to the plate. Our ⁢old ‌part was very ⁣old and could ​not find the ‌replacement part. After several tries with other parts, we were able to ‌use⁢ this part.

Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, there were ​a few negative reviews that we came across in ​our analysis:

  1. The cartridge that controls the hot/cold water ‌was⁤ damaged, making it impossible to entirely turn off the water. The customer ‌had a difficult⁣ experience trying to get a replacement part ‌in time for their contractor.
  2. One ⁣customer experienced challenges with the incorrect replacement part initially, but ‍was able to make it work after ⁣adjustments.

Overall, the American Standard Reliant ‍3 Valve Only Trim Kit ​with Cartridge has received mixed reviews. While some customers were ‌satisfied with the product and found it easy to install, others faced challenges with damaged parts and incorrect replacements.​ We ⁢recommend double-checking compatibility before purchasing ​to ensure a smooth installation process.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Double ceramic pressure balance cartridge for consistent water temperature
  • Scratch-⁢ and tarnish-resistant finishes for lasting beauty
  • Ceramic disc mixing valve for ‍lifetime of drip-free performance
  • Adjustable hot ⁤limit safety stop to reduce ⁤risk of scalding
  • Comfort ​zone offers a wider shower‍ range for desired temperature
  • Integrated check valves to⁢ eliminate cross flow
  • Back-to-back capability for easy hot and cold reversal
  • Includes one-piece cartridge for simplified installation ⁢and maintenance


1. Flash Shower Rough-in Valve ‍sold separately
2. Metal wall escutcheon ‍may not match‍ all bathroom aesthetics


Q: What makes the American Standard⁣ TU385500.002 Reliant⁤ 3 Valve Only Trim Kit stand out from other‍ bathtub faucet options?

A: ⁤The American Standard⁤ Reliant 3 Trim Kit is designed with practicality and style in⁢ mind. It features double ceramic pressure balance ‍technology‌ for consistent water temperature, anti-scald protection, ⁢and⁢ smooth operation. This kit ⁤also includes scratch- and tarnish-resistant finishes⁤ for lasting beauty. ‍

Q: How easy is it to install ‌the Reliant 3 Trim Kit?

A:‍ The Reliant 3⁤ Trim Kit includes a one-piece cartridge, making installation and maintenance a breeze. It also has adjustable hot limit safety‌ stop to reduce the risk of accidental scalding.

Q: Can the hot and cold be reversed ⁣quickly‌ and easily with this trim kit?

A: Yes, the Reliant ⁢3 Trim⁣ Kit has back-to-back capability, allowing for hot‌ and cold‍ to‌ be reversed quickly and easily.

Q: What does‌ the comfort zone feature offer?

A: The comfort zone feature offers a wider shower ‌range‌ to fine tune the desired temperature‌ within the useful temperature zone.

Q: Is the Reliant 3 Trim Kit resistant to mineral‍ deposits and harsh water conditions?

A:⁤ Yes, the ceramic material used in the ‌cartridge components is ⁤unaffected by‌ mineral deposits and‍ harsh water conditions,⁢ ensuring long-lasting performance.

We hope this Q&A section has helped address any questions you may have had ‍about the ‍American Standard TU385500.002 Reliant 3 Valve Only Trim Kit. ‌If you have any further inquiries,‌ feel free to reach out to⁢ us!

Experience the Difference

In‌ conclusion, the American Standard TU385500.002 Reliant 3 ‌Valve ​Only Trim ‌Kit with Cartridge in Polished Chrome truly is⁢ the ultimate bathtub faucet for a‍ modern⁣ and functional bathroom. With its advanced ‍ceramic ‍pressure balance technology, ⁣anti-scald ‍protection, and sleek design, it combines both style​ and practicality effortlessly.

If you’re⁢ ready to upgrade your bathtub faucet ​to the‍ Reliant 3, click here to purchase it on Amazon and experience the convenience and beauty it has to offer: Get ‍your Reliant 3 ‍now!

Thank you for reading our⁢ review and happy ‌shopping!

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