Deluxe Floor Mount Tub Faucet Review: Swivel Spout, Handheld Shower

Deluxe Floor Mount Tub Faucet Review: Swivel Spout, Handheld Shower

Are you​ looking⁣ to add a touch​ of elegance and⁣ functionality to your bathroom? Look no further than the Aolemi ​Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub Filler. We recently got our hands on this stunning matte black fixture, and let us​ tell you,⁤ it’s ‌a game-changer.

With⁢ a 360-degree swivel spout and ⁣a handheld shower ⁣with a 59″ hose, ⁣this tub filler is ⁣not‌ only stylish but also incredibly practical. The ⁣diverter⁣ knob allows you to easily switch between the tub spout ⁣and hand shower, making it a ⁣breeze⁢ to clean‍ and rinse ​off after a relaxing bath.

Installation is a breeze ⁤with all the included hardware, and the reliable design with a 6.7″ spout‌ reach and 45.87″ over‍ height ensures that this faucet ‍will not only⁤ look great but also stand ​the test of time.

Constructed from high-quality​ solid brass, this‍ freestanding tub filler is not only corrosion and rust-resistant ⁣but ‍also water-efficient, with a flow rate ‌of‍ 1.61gpm. All in⁤ all, the Aolemi Floor ​Mount Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub Filler‍ is a must-have⁤ for anyone looking to elevate their bathroom design. Stay tuned⁣ for our full⁣ review coming soon!

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We⁢ recently purchased this floor ‌mount bathtub faucet and ⁢we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The⁣ 360-degree swivel spout is incredibly convenient, and the ⁤handheld ⁣shower with a 59″ hose​ makes cleaning a breeze. The diverter knob allows for​ easy switching between‌ the tub spout and handheld​ shower, making this faucet ‍extremely versatile.

The installation was a breeze ‌with all the included hardware, and we appreciated the 1/2 thread water lines and 3/8 thread adapter ‌for different needs. The reliable⁤ design⁣ with a 6.7″ spout reach and 45.87″ over height adds a touch‍ of elegance to our bathroom. With ‍all metal construction and a corrosion and rust-resistant finish, this freestanding tub filler is ⁣durable and reliable. If you’re in the market for⁤ a high-quality bathtub faucet, we highly recommend this one.

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Product Design and Features:

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The Aolemi⁤ Floor Mount‌ Bathtub Faucet boasts an ​innovative design that includes a ⁤360 ‌Degree Swivel Spout and a Handheld Shower with a 59″ ⁢hose for ‍easy rinsing and cleaning. The diverter knob allows for seamless switching between the tub spout and hand shower, offering convenience and versatility in one⁤ sleek package. The floor mounted installation ⁣is hassle-free and includes ‍all the necessary hardware, making it a practical choice for any bathroom upgrade project.

Constructed with high quality ‌solid brass​ and finished ⁣in corrosion-resistant matte black, ‍this ⁤freestanding tub ‍filler is not only durable⁣ but ​also adds ⁢a touch of modern elegance to ⁢any bathroom decor. With a spout ⁢reach of 6.7″ and an over height of 45.87″, this​ tub ⁢faucet is designed for both style and functionality. ‌The package also ⁢includes cold and hot hoses, base cover, and ⁤detailed installation instructions for a smooth setup⁤ process. Upgrade your bathing experience with the Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet today! Check ⁢it⁢ out⁤ here.

Functionality and Performance:

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When​ it comes to functionality and‌ performance, this Aolemi floor mount bathtub faucet ​truly ‌stands out. The 360-degree ‍swivel spout allows for easy maneuvering, while‌ the handheld​ shower with a 59″ hose provides convenience for ​rinsing down the tub ⁢or cleaning ⁣off‌ after a bath. The diverter knob also makes it simple to⁢ switch ‍between the tub ⁤spout and hand shower, giving you versatility at ‌your ‌fingertips.

Installation is a breeze with all ‌the included hardware, including 1/2 ​thread water ​lines and a 3/8 ⁢thread adapter for different needs. The reliable ⁤design‍ boasts a⁣ 6.7″​ spout reach and 45.87″ ​over height, ensuring that this faucet is ‌not only functional but also ⁤stylish.⁢ Made from solid brass with​ a corrosion and rust-resistant matte black finish, this freestanding ‍tub‌ filler is built to ⁤last. ‍If⁤ you’re looking for‍ a​ high-flow⁢ shower⁤ faucet with exceptional performance, this Aolemi bathtub faucet ‌is the perfect choice.

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Recommendations‌ and Final Thoughts:

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After thoroughly testing the⁣ Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet, we can confidently say that this product exceeded our expectations. ⁤The 360 Degree Swivel‌ Spout and Handheld Shower with 59″ hose⁤ make it incredibly ‍convenient to​ use and clean. The ⁤diverter knob allows for⁤ easy​ switching between ‍the ⁣tub spout⁤ and hand shower, giving us the flexibility we need in our daily routine.

The durable‌ construction of this faucet, made from solid brass‌ and finished in corrosion-resistant ⁤matte black, ensures long-lasting‌ reliability. The‍ installation‍ process was a breeze thanks ‌to ⁣the included hardware ⁢and detailed instructions. Overall, we ‍highly recommend the Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet to anyone in ⁤need of a high-quality,​ stylish, and functional tub filler.‍ Make your purchase today and experience the ‌benefits for yourself!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet, we have gathered some insights on‍ the overall satisfaction and⁤ installation experience of the product.

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
We purchased this for our master bathroom remodel⁣ and it fits ‍perfect with our bathroom‍ design. Works⁢ well⁣ and ⁣was easy to⁤ install.‌ Great customer service. Opened the⁢ box and water ‌started​ coming out⁤ of the faucet. Disappointed with the condition ⁣of the​ product upon delivery.
Super nice product for ⁣the price. Had a leaking ⁢handheld shower but customer support promptly sent a replacement part that fixed the issue. Looks‌ great and works fine. Filler‍ wasn’t‍ working properly after installation. Customer ⁣support provided ⁢a replacement immediately.
Easy install, looks ⁢fantastic. Company‌ was responsive to missing piece, sent replacement⁤ quickly. Install was not easy,‌ supply lines were too short ‍and prone to leaking.‍ Shower head drips when water is turned off.
Very appealing faucet for the price. Installation ​is doable,‌ looks fantastic. ⁢Company was responsive to missing piece, ‌highly recommend. Très difficile d’installation, mais une fois installé, le robinet est très⁤ beau. Hoses de la tete⁤ cesse de ‌couler après des ⁢difficultés.
Love the product,⁣ quick delivery. Have to⁢ be careful when turning water on, but will get used to it over⁣ time.

Overall, customers have expressed ⁢satisfaction with the product⁤ design,⁣ functionality,​ and customer service experience. There were​ some issues with installation difficulty and⁤ leaking supply lines, but customer support was able ​to address these concerns promptly. ⁢The faucet is praised for its appearance and affordability, making ⁤it a popular choice for those looking ⁣to upgrade their⁣ bathroom design.

Pros ‌& Cons

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  1. 360 ⁣Degree Swivel Spout for convenient use
  2. Handheld Shower with 59″ hose for easy rinsing
  3. Diverter knob to switch between tub spout​ and hand⁤ shower
  4. Includes all installation hardware
  5. Reliable design ​with solid brass construction
  6. Corrosion⁤ and rust-resistant ​matte​ black finish


  1. May be on the pricier side compared⁣ to other similar products
  2. Installation might be challenging for those not experienced with plumbing
  3. Black ⁣matte finish may show water ⁤spots⁢ more⁤ easily
  4. Handheld shower⁢ hose ⁤length may ‍not be sufficient for larger tubs
  5. Some users ⁢may prefer​ a different⁤ style or finish


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Q:⁤ Can this floor​ mount tub faucet be installed by one‌ person?

A: Yes, this ⁣Aolemi floor mount bathtub faucet can be installed by ⁣one person. It comes with all the necessary installation ​hardware and clear installation instructions to ⁤guide you through the process.

Q: Is the handheld ‍shower easy to use?

A: ‍The handheld shower with a 59″ shower hose is very convenient and ‍easy to use. You can easily switch between the tub spout and handheld shower⁣ with the diverter ⁢knob included.

Q:⁢ Does this tub filler have a durable‍ construction?

A: Yes, this freestanding tub filler is constructed from high-quality solid brass, ⁤finished in corrosion and rust-resistant matte‌ black. It is built to last for a long time, providing you with durability and reliability.

Q: How tall is the spout reach of this tub faucet?

A: The spout reach of⁤ this floor mount tub faucet is 6.7 inches, with ⁢an over height of 45.87 inches. This allows for easy ⁣filling of your​ bathtub without‌ any ⁣hassle.

Q: What’s‌ included in the package when ⁢purchasing this ⁣tub faucet?

A: When you purchase this Aolemi‌ floor ‍mount bathtub⁤ faucet, you will receive ⁢the standing bathtub faucet body,⁣ brass faucet tube, handheld ⁢shower, cold ⁢and hot hoses, base cover, mounting⁣ hardware, and installation instructions. Everything you need for installation is included in the package.

Achieve ​New Heights

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As we wrap up our ‌deluxe​ floor mount tub faucet review, ⁣we hope you​ found our insights ​helpful in making your decision. The Aolemi Floor ⁤Mount Bathtub Faucet combines style, ⁤functionality,⁢ and durability⁤ to enhance your bathing experience. With its swivel spout and handheld shower, cleaning and rinsing have never ⁤been easier.

If you’re ready to elevate your bathroom with this ‌sleek⁢ matte black freestanding tub filler,⁢ click here to purchase: ⁢ Get your Aolemi Floor ​Mount Bathtub Faucet now!

Upgrade ‍your bathroom oasis ‌today!

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